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Rest in peace and we will always remember BRIAN CARTER JULY 16,1985 TO OCT 8,2010

Oct 8, 2010 Brian Carter was played cards game with his family that night. He was felt sweat and realize he couldn't breath correctly, Margo Hutto was going to take him E.R but he couldn't make it to SUV. Family called 911 and went to hospital. Doctor couldn't save him We do not know why or how cause it happen. We will find out more tomorrow also We will let you know about funeral.

Brain Carter 25 Year old. July 16,1985 to Oct 8,2010

He is passed away last Friday night. He will be always be loved by everyone of us. He is great listener, great smile, humor of sense, he is loved be around with everyone. He is only 25 year old and died from massive heart attack but the actual cause will not be pronounced til this Monday. He left the world unexpected and left his 2 handsome son ( Re'Shawn 5 year old and LeBron Jr 3 year old). also lovely his wife (Margo Hutto). Please pray for his families to take his death peacefully.

Brian Carter, You will not be forgotten and we all had great time with u in your 25 years of life!

WE LOVE YOU BRIAN! We wont say GOOD-BYE We will see you again!

rest in peace BRIAN CARTER


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all the commission proceed to his family for the funeral and trust funds for his sons.

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