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 CUT IT OUT is a national program that seeks to mobilize salon professionals and others in the fight against domestic abuse. This mobilization consists of a number of different awareness building initiatives as well as training. Some of these include: 
Awareness Building

  • Ads in salon industry trade publications
  • Ads in national general interest publications
  • Public relations efforts in national and local media as well as salon trade publications
  • Support initiatives for local domestic violence agencies led primarily by Willow House Consultants in conjunction with salons
  • Posters and safety cards emblazoned with the National Domestic Violence Hotline number displayed in salon restrooms and dressing rooms
  • Booth space at national cosmetology trade shows

Local Shelter Support

Domestic violence shelters and programs across the country have and are facing dramatic budget cuts while also experiencing increased need for their services. Shelters provide food, housing, transportation, and crisis intervention for women who have left their abusers. They implement long-term measures focused around educating the public and empowering domestic abuse survivors to re-establish their lives.

With thousands of Consultants across the country, we have the power to help these agencies impact the lives of countless domestic abuse victims in local communities. As part of our corporate philanthropy, Consultants are engaged in supporting the vital work of domestic violence programs and shelters in their area. From fund-raisers to press events to volunteer work, they get involved and make a tremendous difference.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the money go?
Contributions will go to help fight domestic abuse through support of CUT IT OUT.

What if one of my customers expresses the need for help?
Refer anyone who is in need of support to the National Domestic Violence Hotline (1-800-799-SAFE begin_of_the_skype_highlighting))  )   (1-800-7997233  end_of_the_skype_highlighting).

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